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Accelerate Your Personal Power

Tap into your Inner Strength; learn how to recharge and sustain it.
Are you wondering, what is Personal Power? You may be skeptical on why you need it ! Do you feel that you are already strong and do not need "yet another" motivational speech ??

Well, here is a short clip from Coach Aparna, on why we all need to recharge our Inner Strength. This is just a teaser ! Enroll in this 1-hour Course to equip yourself to face life's challenges ! 
Still not convinced? No worries! See what our Students have to say, after attending this Course. Read on below to know more about the Course and how it can benefit you. For further details or queries, talk to our Course Counsellors at 86064 02860

Happy Participants !

Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look.” 

― Marcus Aurelius


Meet Our Emotional Intelligence Coach

Ms. Aparna Gulawani 

The Coach for the Webinar, Ms. Aparna Gulawani is an Emotional Intelligence and Communication skills coach by profession. She has completed her Masters in Business Administration from the University of Pune. She was awarded the winner of ILDA Global Crucible 2020 a contest for Trainers, coaches and consultants to showcase their talent on a global platform Aparna has always believed in turning ideas into action. A dual combination of empathetic and energetic persona has helped her train numerous individuals to improve their Behavioral skills. She guides individuals to express themselves with the help of confidence, clarity and influence.

Some snippets from the Webinar

What is the Course For?

We all have been exhausted by the chaos of daily life and sometimes we need a break to take care of our own physical and emotional health. Take time to rediscover yourself. Personal power can train you to face challenges, struggles and anxieties. Sorting out the hidden opportunities behind every tough situation can be tiresome; hence we need to work on our resilience and learn the ways to achieve it.

Prepare yourself to face the challenges. Recognize and enhance your strengths.
As the world witnesses a change in the way people perceive mental health, the need for emotional agility is gaining popularity. This Webinar introduces the "Personal Power" concept - a niche topic that is getting pertinent in today's Post-Covid lifestyle. Uplift your personal power by registering for this 1 hour self-paced webinar.

Who can attend?

> Anyone !!!
> Anyone who desires to Improve themselves
> Anyone Looking for a transition from lazy to zesty self
> Anyone who fears facing challenges
> Anyone who finds it hard to control their emotions
> Anyone who wants to Train their mind to Boost Mental health

What do you get from this Course?

Unplug from all the hustles and bustles to recharge yourself. Enroll in this 1 hour course to Learn:

*What is Personal Power and why it matters!
*Ways to develop your Personal Power
* How to Access your inner strength
* How to recharge and sustain your Personal Power

Learn all this at your convenient pace, anytime, anywhere !

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