Startup Master Class on How to Start a Virtual CHRO Consultancy
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How to Start a Consultancy as a Virtual Chief HR Officer

Learn about Starting up your own VCHRO Consultancy Business (Non-Recruitment): The Future Entrepreneur Webinar Series Ep #1
Here is a short message from our CEO, Dr. Chandra Vadhana to inspire you to start off !
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Course Summary

Learn how to start a Virtual Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) business, with minimum investment, leveraging your professional expertise and experience. The 1.5 hour Webinar led by Coach Aditi Radhakrishnan, gives an insight on her entrepreneurial journey in HR Coaching and how she has been successfully running a multi-client, home-based HR Consultancy Business for the past several years. She also shares valuable tips for aspiring business owners and analyzes the current market pricing points of Consultants. Our testimonials say the rest of the story !

This is a self-paced course, which means, you can watch the Webinar video anytime as per your convenience. What's more, you can watch it from anywhere, with any device. Additionally, Live Mentoring and personal interaction with the Coach, is available for interested participants in the Advanced Course. This programme will also be useful those aspiring for part time CHRO roles in start-ups and MSMEs. You can talk to our Academic Counselors for more information.

Target Audience

> Budding Entrepreneurs
> HR professionals & Coaches
> MBA - HR students
> HR enthusiasts
> Lawyers

Key Takeaways

>> Learn why NOW is the time to start a VCHRO
>> Understand what a Virtual CHRO does
>> Clarify the opportunities in the Virtual CHRO space
>> Know if you are ready
>> Learn how to establish a VCHRO
>> Build your own plan towards establishing a VCHRO

Happy Participants !!

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It can make a day and can change a life.”
We are thankful for these kind words and testimonials from our participants who attended the Master Class by Coach Aditi.

"The pandemic has shown that if you are on your own, the chances of surviving are far far better. This is an excellent course; I know the competence that comes from Dr. Chandra & Aditi."

Lieutenant. Colonel. Prem Vas
Founder CEO - PreHanJay Ventures & Leadership with Vas,
Business & Life Coach, International Author

"It is a very good activity; keep going.
This is a social service we could do."

M S Sreekumar Madathil
Thought Leader & Behavioural Architect
Former Sen. Associate Vice President, HR, Muthoot Capital

"As an intro session, it was good. One point that boosted my confidence was anyone with 5 years min experience in generalist role can do it. Wish PEAKS all the best!"

Laila Kuriakose
Senior HR Manager, Eynetech  Services, Bengaluru

"Many thanks to Aditi, Chandra and PEAKS Academy team for the session. Good insights. Good luck with the first batch of Virtual CHRO Consultancy"

Shyam V Iyer
Founder, 60 Bits HR & OD Consulting, Mumbai

Yes! The need of the hour !

Thomas George
Founder - Higher Heights Motivation, Trivandrum
Education Consultant, Soft Skills Trainer, Motivational Speaker

"Thank you Aditi. Great session."

Sindhu Varma
Founder of Transformational Lifestyle Hub
UNstuck Coach, NLP Master Practitioner

Very nice - Manoj Kumar Jha
Session was informative - Suryadeepthi
Thanks for an excellent session - Ashok G
Great webinar - Bhakti Suresh Joshi

Course Description

As the world witnesses a change in the way businesses are conducted, a paradigm shift in next-gen HR has also taken place. During Covid-19, a lot of organizations slowly moved to the "Gig Economy" ie, managing people who are not your permanent employees, motivating freelancers to be more productive, creating engagement for contract workforce, managing performance for contractors and a HR strategy without a retention plan. There has also been a big change in strategic decisions in keeping only the core functions as part of the organizations and outsourcing the rest of the functions.

Business owners are overloaded with problems they want to solve, and they are ready to hire problem-solvers ! As the world is moving to a Gig-Economy post Covid, companies are more inclined to hire freelancers to reduce their expenses.

As the manpower is dynamic , the HR function also has to be dynamic. This is where the Virtual Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) becomes relevant. This role is beyond boundaries and beyond time zones, and the work is Part time, because the business need is dynamic. Thus, for the times to come, the role of a virtual CHRO will become more pertinent and relevant in the era of a gig economy. They are expected to be key players in the organization's enterprise strategy.

This Webinar introduces the "Virtual Chief Human Resource Officer" concept - a dynamic role that is getting pertinent in today's Gig Economy. So now is the right time for you to consider starting a Consultancy Business of your own !

Learn how to start up by enrolling in this Webinar and take the next step in life!

Course Curriculum

Meet Our Starup Coach

Ms. Aditi Radhakrishnan

The Startup Coach for the event, Ms. Aditi Radhakrishnan, is an  ICF Certified Coach and HR Consultant, with over two decades of Human Resource and Senior Management experience. She is the Founder and CEO of Mitara Consulting Services, Kerala. Aditi is a passionate and result oriented Leadership and Project consultation Coach, and Business focused enabler of change, who is also the Storyteller @ Storytrails, an experimental tourism initiative.

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