How to Start an Organic Food Brand

The Future Entrepreneur Webinar Series Ep 2 : Learn how to start your own Natural Food Products Business
Here is a short clip from our Master Class held on 2nd Jan 2022. Read on, to know more about the Course and how it can benefit you. Enrollments are still open, if you wish to see the recording and/or participate in upcoming sessions.

Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” —Barack Obama

 Are you ready to make that change? Are you ready to *BE* that change?   The fresh new year 2022 is here! Don't wait any longer to take the first step towards fulfilling the dream you have been nurturing for a long time! Take that leap of faith... Our Startup Coaching Webinar by Ms. Deepa Muthukumarasamy can provide you with the right push towards that leap. 

What is the Course For?

The current generation is becoming aware and conscious of their health. Going back to the roots and eating natural food is getting popular by the day, and organic products that prompt us to do this are becoming the accepted norm. Synthetic-free, non-adulterated products with natural nutrient elements enhance your life & health. They provide regular, natural, and safe-to-eat alternatives to improve the buzzing unhealthy urban lifestyle.

Additionally, some of these brands create a sustainable livelihood for farmers, a sustainable lifestyle for people across the nation, and eventually build sustainable earth with the old-yet-proven practices of a healthier lifestyle without harming the environment around.

Natural foods make healthy living a viable option for adults and infants. Learn how to start a Natural Food Products business, providing healthier and sustainable lifestyles.

Additionally, One to One Coaching will be available for interested participants in the upcoming Advanced sessions. This programme will also be useful those aspiring to start it for part time or full time business.

Who can attend?

> Budding Entrepreneurs
> Housewives and College students
> Anyone with Home Science, Food & Nutrition, Dietetics, Food Service Management knowledge or experience
> Natural / Organic Food Enthusiasts

What do you get from this Course?

Our Startup Coach, Ms. Deepa Muthukumarasamy shares her entrepreneurship journey, how motherhood inspired her to research more on natural foods, prepare her own formulations and eventually turn the idea to a business. She talks about identifying the potential market needs, finding the target audience and how to design the products catering to customer needs. The interactive live session attended by budding Entrepreneurs, Housewives and Natural / Organic Food Enthusiasts who shared their experiences and discussed their concerns related to the startup. Ms. Deepa also explains about the design thinking process involved in designing the brand logo, marketing ideas, scaleup and export possibilities, and briefly touches upon the manpower and machinery requirements for the startup. Enrollment is still open for watching the recording and future live sessions. 

What do you get from this Course?

>> Learn why NOW is the time to start a Business
>> Understand what a Natural Food is
>> Clarify the opportunities in the Natural Foods space
>> Know if you are ready
>> Learn how to establish an Organic Brand
>> Build your own plan towards establishing an Organic Brand

See what our happy participants have to say!

 "  Thank you PEAKS Academy for the wonderful session on "How To Start An Organic Food Brand". It was a really helpful and insightful conference in which I was able to learn about the ins and outs of the organic food products market. Deepa ma'am who had taught us these topics was a great mentor who made the session very easy to understand and grasp. I'd like to thank them too for their input into this session

Mrs. Rajasree R
Agripreneur, Founder of Fruit n’ Root brand (value-added Jackfruit products), Kerala

Course Description

As the world witnesses a change in the way people perceive health, natural foods are being received and getting popularity. During Covid-19, a lot of doctors prescribed immunity boosting foods as well as food that is free from any artificial or harmful elements. Good health begins with what you feed your body; so it is important to start healthy eating at a young age.

This Webinar introduces the "Natural Food Products" concept - a dynamic business that is getting pertinent in today's Post-Covid Economy. 

Course Curriculum

Meet Our Starup Coach

Ms. Deepa Muthukumarasamy

The Startup Coach for the Webinar, Ms. Deepa Muthukumarasamy, is a Mom-turned-Entrepreneur and Coach  with over 8 years of Food Processing experience. She is the Founder and CEO of two organic food manufacturing companies under the organic food brand ‘Some More Foods’. She is also the Recipient of Coimbatore Management Association’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 Award. Her advice to all aspiring Entrepreneurs is "Never say you cannot win".

Course Pricing

Webinar @ 199


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