Prayaana Fellowship Training

Onboarding for Interns & Fellows

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Course Summary

Prayaana Fellowship is a specialized Employability cum Internship program which will provide qualified girls and woman after career break with personalized career coaching, training in business skills and leadership orientation needed to get placed in good firms in entry-level/ mid-level positions or to start a new business or innovation project. This course is a Comprehensive training on the Ten Commandments of Prayaana, and the Ten Career Competency Framework, given as part of the Onboarding. All Fellows and Interns are required to undertake this training right after induction.

Course Duration: 8 hours  

Course Curriculum

What our happy students say ...

Tejaswini S

" Being a part of PEAKS Academy has helped me to understand more and more about my potentials. Thank you to all  the amazing mentors!! "
- says Tejaswini S, Student & Show Host from Bengaluru

" I am so glad that I have taken this course. All these lessons will definitely help in future. Thank you Peaks Academy for this fruitful session and so glad to be part of Prayaana."
- says Meetakshara Mishra, Fashion and Apparel Designing student from Kanpur 


Gauthamy S

" All the sessions were really informative. It gave me valuable insights on how to become a perfect professional. I gained knowledge on how to improve necessary skills, and most importantly how to overcome procrastination. Thank you Peaks Academy and Prayaana for this opportunity."
- says Gauthamy S, Journalism and Visual Communication Student from Punalur



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Shambhavi Rai

I would like to thanks the entire team of prayaana for providing such an amazing fellowship course to us.

This really increases our skills and develop us as an individual

2 years ago
Karishma Danu

Excited to be part of Prayaana

Excited and blessed to work with Prayaana as it provides opportunities to those women who want to create a impact on world. Looking forward to have great and lifetime experiences.

2 years ago

Prayaana fellowship training

I would like to thank Prayaana and Peaks Academy for providing such valuable information about various things such as Communication Skills, and Time Management Skills. I will definitely try to implement these ideas in my life too.

2 years ago
Akila Prabhurajan

Prayaana fellowship training

It's a content-packed course precisely for an aspiring job seeker like me. I want to thank all the knowledgeable and energetic coaches who made this course so lively.

2 years ago
Nikita Sahare

Prayaana fellowship training

It's very valuable and informative. I would like to thank all Peaks academy and Prayaana for this course.

2 years ago
Supriya Jadav

Prayaana fellowship training

One of the best courses I have taken by far. Everything from the videos is amazing and informative. It has helped me tremendously. I encourage everyone to take it.

2 years ago
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