Win any Interview with Ease

Expert Tips for facing Interviews confidently
Listen to this message from our CEO, Dr. Chandra Vadhana R. to understand why confidence in interviews is crucial. Read on, to know more about the Course and how it can benefit you. 

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  
Winston Churchill

 Are you ready to continue regardless of the outcomes? Are you confident enough to go on and try your best?
Then let us help you prepare for and confidently face the challenges in front of you in that journey. 

What is the Course For?

Are you afraid you will feel “blank “during an interview or blurt-out something silly?
Do you panic or sweat a lot while attending an interview? Do you feel tongue-tied? 
Are you uncomfortable being the point of focus in that room?  
Do you feel you will look or sound stupid while answering the question?
Are you a kind of person who fears that you will underperform because of the pressure or anxiety?  
Do you fear that you will be judged? Are you over-concerned about the rejection?

Who can attend?

> College Students & Freshers
> Career Break Candidates
> Anyone trying to land a job

What do you get from this Course?

Be more confident and assertive.  
Create a good first impression on the interviewers.  
Stay positive and energetic even while feeling anxious.  
Lessen your tension and fear  
Convince the interviewers that you are the right person for the job.  
Learn the skills you can make use of when you are attending an interview.
Showcase positivity and good personality. 

See what our happy participants have to say!

 "  Thank you PEAKS Academy for the wonderful session on "How To Start An Organic Food Brand". It was a really helpful and insightful conference in which I was able to learn about the ins and outs of the organic food products market. Deepa ma'am who had taught us these topics was a great mentor who made the session very easy to understand and grasp. I'd like to thank them too for their input into this session

Mrs. Rajasree R
Agripreneur, Founder of Fruit n’ Root brand (value-added Jackfruit products), Kerala

Course Description

As the world witnesses a change in the way organizations run their business and employees work, remote interviews are becoming the norm.

This Webinar introduces expert tips and tricks on how to confidently face and ace interviews ! 

Course Curriculum

Meet Our Coaches

Ms. Deepa Perumal

The Coach for the Course, Ms. Deepa Perumal, is an IT professional with over 18 years of experience in Quality Assurance, Project Management, Business Development and Training. She has been a Mentor for Prayaana's Campus 2 Career 2021 Mission coaching several college students on soft skills and essential competencies. A blogger and Content creator by passion, her advice to all aspiring interviewees is:
 "Smile! It disarms people!"

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