"Truly inspiring! It gave me clarity on the process of career building & transition. Thank you. Hope this initiative helps many to accelerate their career."

Aswathy Narayanan
CII Certified Supply Chain Professional, Kochi
Attended the C2C Fellowship Training

"Being a part of PEAKS Academy has helped me to understand more and more about my potentials. Thank you to all  the amazing mentors." 

Tejaswini S
Student and Show Host, Bangalore
Attended Communications Skills Training

 "Very much reflecting to my personal power quote I give to myself. Every day every time when I have to overcome something “this too shall pass” and the ray of sunlight is there in front."

Rekha Vipin
Digital Marketing  Specialist, Abu Dhabi
Attended the Accelerate Your Personal Power Workshop

"The session was truly enlightening.. I could relate myself to more than one scenarios she pointed out with respect to personal insecurities...Kudos to her!! Thanks a zillion... I was listening earnestly..." 

Career break professional, Trivandrum
Attended the Accelerate Your Personal Power Workshop